We decided to take a family weekend to Lake Tyers in Gippsland to visit some friends last week. After arriving late that evening, we put the girls to bed and I was quick to don the waders and hit the inlet in search of prawns. Knowing it was the right time of year, the minute the prawn light hit the water, tiny pink eye’s were glowing in every direction.

After an hour or so, I’d peeked into my catch bag only to discover around 30 prawns averaging four inches in size. By this time it was 10pm and time to head back.

The following evening after dinner, I wrangled my children and headed back to the lower car park below the Water Wheel hotel. Once again, the prawns were in full force and with a quick swing, had the net filling up in no time. Flicking them onto the sand bank, the kids were ecstatic while trying to pick them up to put them into the bucket. A prawn here and a prawn there, it was the best part of another 2 hours before we had a few kilos. With enough prawns for a few meals, we decided to pack it in and get an early night for the three hour drive back to Melbourne.

Lake Tyers and the entire Gippsland estuary system abounds with prawns throughout the summer months. April is the last month of the year to catch them in any numbers and if your keen on a fresh feed of local Victorian prawns, i suggest you grab the net and light and head up there. Just fish the lead up to the new moon for best results.

Author: Jarrod Day

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