Fishing throughout Victoria during the winter months isn’t the most comfortable given the almost arctic temperatures. Of course, we all still want to go fishing and we can, providing we rug up providing we wear the appropriate clothing attire. I have always fished throughout winter for a wide range of species along with enjoying all aspects of being in the outdoors. Though it can be bitterly cold on the water, one piece of clothing that is often forgotten is a good set of gloves to keep your hands warm.

Until recently, Fishing has always taken its toll on my fingers and hands. Still, like all keen anglers, we tough it out because that is just what has to be done.

How many times do your fingers get wet when holding fish? and how cold are they after releasing your catch? Of course, when we head to the snow we wear gloves to stop our extremities from getting frostbite, but when fishing we go fishing we don’t. Maybe it is because gloves are bulky and make winding a fishing reels handle difficult or when gloves become wet, they stay cold and are uncomfortable.

More recently and what I think is Victoria coldest winter or at least the wind chill factor is; hands and fingers bear the brunt of fishing so I finally took it upon myself to obtain a pair of gloves that were not just going to keep my hands mostly dry but also warm.
New Zealand clothing company Ridgeline is well known in the hunting industry for manufacturing clothing for the elements and as well, they do gloves.

The Thin Dimpled Gloves may feel like they wouldn’t warm your little finger but in fact, they do offer a substantial amount of warmth when out in the elements. Another factor that I quite enjoy with them is that they are made from a stretchy fabric which bonds close to the skin. When wet fabric expels water very quickly allowing your hands to stay warm without staying constantly wet.

Inside the palm, is a series of small hard dimples which aid for better grip, especially if you go put your hands into the water while releasing or holding fish. This is a huge advantage so you don’t drop the fish or release it to early if it is lethargic from a tough battle.

Breaking it down, gloves are a vital piece of fishing clothing and whether you’re fishing a Victorian winter on the Bay, heading out for a hunt or going to the snowy alps to flick a fly to a rising trout these gloves are made for the elements. Best of all, they keep your hands and fingers warm.

Available in all good tackle and hunting stores Australia wide.




Author: Jarrod Day

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